Our Philosophy 

At TEA+ we are about more than just profits, we are a business dedicated to improving the health of our society in all the ways we can. Thus, we hold a firm and unyielding philosophy on sustainability. Constantly looking for new ways to make our company greener and more eco-friendly, we use only ethically-sourced, natural ingredients and biodegradable packaging to contribute to a better World future.

Our Tea Bags

TEA+ is one of the few UK brands whose tea bags are completely plastic free. Many companies use a bio-plastic agent to seal their tea bags, which contributes to the World's plastic pollution crisis. At TEA+, we are proud to say that we use only natural ingredients to bind our tea bags.

Our Envelopes & Boxes

Conscious of the environmental impact of using laminated packets to hold our tea bags, we recently took the decision to make the change to paper envelopes. As our boxes also use only sustainably sourced materials and plant & water-based inks, our packaging is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and ocean-friendly.