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Our Story


TEA+ was founded by husband and wife James and Jade, who wanted to combine the best of green, herbal & fruit tea with the science and evidence-based world of health supplements.
The vision was to create a more convenient, healthier hot drink that not only fit effortlessly into
people’s lifestyles and routines but enhanced their health and wellbeing.


When it comes to health, people are more conscious than ever. Regardless of age, health is a priority for most. There are more and more people actively looking to lead a healthy lifestyle and care about their nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.

With this in mind, TEA+ made the commitment to produce a range that follows 4 simple principles.

Everything we do must be… Evidence-based, nutritionally balanced, functional and beneficial and great tasting.


Into every cup of TEA+ we have poured years of expert knowledge in tea and vitamins.

In 2018, TEA+ partnered with the UK’s leading Vitamin manufacturer Vitabiotics, expanding the wealth of knowledge behind the range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the boiling water effect the vitamins in a tea?

All of our teas have been developed and independently tested to take the known effect of boiling water on vitamins into account. We add an overage of each vitamin following these calculations to each tea bag to ensure you get the required dosage in every cup when infused for 3 minutes.

Does TEA+ contain any sweetners or artificial ingredients?

Our teas contain no artificial sweeteners, they are flavoured only with natural fruit flavours to ensure a smooth and gently fruit flavoured tea.

Are your tea bags bleached?

Our tea bags are 100% free from any chlorine. They are Oxygen bleached to give the white colour but the process is 100% natural and free from chemicals.

Are your teas suitable for diabetics?

There’s less than 0.5g (substantially less than this) of sugar per tea bag therefore it's a very, very low sugar drink.

Are your teas safe to drink whilst pregnant/breastfeeding?

The recommended limit of caffeine for pregnant and breastfeeding women is 200mg per day. Our teas have between 18-50mg of caffeine per cup ( depending on length of time brewed )so they are very low caffeine and substantially less than tea or coffee. Most of the energy that is given out from our teas come from the B vitamins rather than caffeine.

Do your teabags contain any polypropylene plastic?

We’re proud to say our tea bags are polypropylene free.

Your teas say they contain Mannitol, are they not suitable for gluten intolerance?

Our teas do contain Mannitol as part of a binding agent in the B vitamins we use, which is a completely natural source, but does contain a wheat derivative. However, our teas are categorised as gluten free under EU regulation. The content of the wheat is in such a small quantity that it is below 20 PPM (parts per million) which constitutes safe for those following a gluten free diet and coeliacs