Rest Eazzzy Bundle

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Sleep well with our Rest Eazzy gift box- a selection of products designed to help you sleep better. Expertly chosen gifts for restful and restorative sleep, there’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep.

2 x TEA+ Sleep
1 x TEA+ Glass Mug
1 x TEA+ Sleep Mask
1 x Magnesium Sleep Bath Salts
1 x Pillow Sleep Spray

      TEA+ Sleep

      A tea engineered to help you achieve deep and restorative sleep all night long. Powered by magnesium, TEA+ Sleep is the perfect ingredient for a successful sleep routine.

      Sleep Mask

      Sleep peacefully and without disruption, use our silk sleep mask for that ultimate sleep experience.

      Magnesium Bath Salts

      Relax completely with Westlab’s Sleep Bath Salts. Bathe in Lavender, Jasmine & Valerian to find your calm . A naturally relaxing experience to help you drift off peacefully.

      TEA+ Glass Mug

      Our TEA+ glass mug keeps your tea toasty and your hands warm, a stylish and practical way to drink TEA+.

      Pillow Spray

      A pillow spray with hints of Frankincense, Rose Flower Water and Linden Blossom crafted to calm and ease the mind. Bloom and Blossom’s calming sleep spray naturally soothes the senses, preparing you for deep and peaceful rest.


      Low Caffeine




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