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Understanding Vitamin Supplements


There is a wide range of Vitamins and Minerals we get from our day-to-day lives and from supplements, but knowing what they do and whether you need extra is the difficult part. Here at TEA+ we want to make this decision easier so we've broken down 5 of the Vitamins you can supplement, and explained who they're recommended for, what their benefits are, an where you can find them.


What Vitamins and Minerals should I consider supplementing and why?

Folic Acid - If you're currently, or planning to become, pregnant

Magnesium - If you need help relaxing and/or sleeping

Iron - If you're a woman with heavy periods

B12 - If you're Vegan/Veggie and/or tired more often than you want

Vitamin D - If you work hours where your sunlight exposure is limited (Or just live in Britain)



What might the deficiencies of these Vitamins look like?

Folic Acid - Grey Hairs, Mouth Ulcers, Fatigue

Magnesium - Muscle Cramps, Trouble Sleeping, Excess Stress

Iron - Headaches, Reduced Concentration, Fatigue 

B12 - Memory Loss, Tiredness, Fatigue

Vitamin D - Muscle Aches, Weakness, Depressive Moods (S.A.D)



Why should I consider taking these vitamins and where can I find them?


Folic Acid
- Folic Acid is recommended for expectant mothers and women who plan to become pregnant as it can help reduce the risk of spinal cord problems for developing babies. It also helps the production of healthy red blood cells.
- Folic Acid can be found in fortified food and drinks as well as naturally in spinach, citrus fruits, and we include 100% RDA in our TEA+ Cleanse Vitamin Tea.



- Magnesium is recommended to be supplemented by everyone. It is one of the 7 most important micronutrients needed for a healthy body.
- Magnesium helps reduce stress and calm the nervous system, this helps aid a restful sleep and help balance blood sugar levels.
- Magnesium can be found in leafy vegetables (spinach and kale), seafood (salmon and tuna) and it is a key ingredient of our newest blend, TEA+ Sleep Vitamin Tea.

- Iron is important in the body for making healthy red blood cells which are used to carry oxygen around the body. 
- Iron supplement recommendations are usually made through doctors as iron supplements are taken due to a form anaemia or severe iron deficiency.
- Iron can be found in red meat, pulses (beans, peas), nuts, and dried fruits.

- Vitamin B12 is recommended for Vegetarians and Vegans as it is mainly found in animal based products, which Veggies and Vegans don't get in their diet.
- B12 is used for breaking down food which leads to energy being released into the body and helps aid the maintenance of healthy nerves.
- B12 is found in Beef and Chicken, vegan options are Avocados, nuts, and 100% RDA of vitamin B12 and the 7 other B vitamins are inside every bag of TEA+ Energy Vitamin Tea.

Vitamin D
- Vitamin D is recommended to be supplemented by everyone. It comes from the sun mostly (what's the sun I hear you ask). People in countries with limited sunlight exposure and people working in conditions with minimal sunlight should consider supplementing Vitamin D.
- Vitamin D is vital in the absorption of Calcium into the bones, the reduction of hair loss and preventing and treating the Mood Disorder known as S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This mood disorder causes depressive moods and a lack of energy.
- You can find Vitamin D in Fish (Tuna and Salmon), Eggs and TEA+ Vitamin D Tea.


November 22, 2019 — Molly Woodhouse

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