Try something new- Explore alternative ways to get fit with Aerial Fitness by Leeds Aerial Arts

At TEA+, we're always encouraging you to try something new. Taking up a new hobby can be a real opportunity for you to feel refreshed. Sometimes the monotony of our everyday routines can cause us to feel lethargic and uninspired. 

We spoke to Leeds Aerial Arts about Aerial Fitness:

What would you say to someone wanting to try a new sport or hobby but they're feeling a bit apprehensive about starting? 

I often compare starting aerial fitness to beginning to learn to drive... When learning to drive you don't feel bad for not yet knowing how to do it when you first sit in the car. Allow yourself to be a learner, to sometimes make mistakes, and to not put pressure on yourself to be perfect right away. If it was SUPER easy then everyone would be doing it, and persevering with something that is out of your comfort zone only makes you feel even more amazing and accomplished when you achieve it! 

What is aerial fitness, what does it involve?

Aerial fitness is a fantastic full-body workout designed to build strength and muscle tone and to increase flexibility. It is a great way to get fit, to work with others and push yourself to new limits! We teach Aerial Hoop, Silks, Trapeze and Aerial Yoga. In class we use gravity to stretch and release tension in the body. Expect your core and upper body to be challenged as you climb, balance and perform tricks in the air. 

Within your first few lessons you will learn the basic mounts and dismounts, static poses and basic rolls in a unique and full-body workout! At Leeds Aerial Arts, our instructors are highly experienced and welcoming, we tailor all of our classes to the needs of the group and all abilities. You do not need to have great upper body strength to begin with, this will improve along the way!

What are the best things about Aerial Fitness? 

It requires your full attention and concentration, not only does that mean that it is good for developing coordination and balance, it means that you have to leave the outside world COMPLETELY outside. For this one hour you will not be able to think about what has happened at work that day, any tasks you have to complete or family worries - during class you can focus solely on yourself and moving your body. 


What sort of ability do you need to start at to try Aerial fitness, what if I have limited upper body strength?

At our studio, there are no pre-requisites, anyone can get started. You do not need to be strong or flexible before you begin we give you the tools to develop these areas in class. 

I wish I started a sport like aerial fitness when I was younger, can I start now?

Of course! I began as an adult, and often wish that my mum had been pushier and got me into it sooner! Our classes are aimed at adults, the best time to begin is now and if you have been waiting for a sign - this is it!

Why is it important to try new things?

For me, it is about challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Confidence is a skill, and like any skill, it takes practice! Today, if you take just one small step out of your comfort zone and you have a positive experience, tomorrow you will be able to take another small step - by the end of the week who knows what you could accomplish. We encourage all of our aerialists to enjoy stepping out of their comfort zones in aerial class and to take that unstoppable "I can do anything" feeling into all aspects of their life. 

Who are Leeds Aerial Arts?

Our clients build strength inside and out within our unique fitness classes including Aerial Hoop, Silks, Handstands, Stretch & Aerial Yoga.


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May 06, 2022 — Josephine Bennie

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