Our New Travel Packs Range - TEA+


Meet our brand new TEA+ Travel Pack Range - Sleep Vitamin Tea, Vitamin C Vitamin Tea & Energy Vitamin Tea.

Our new travel range has been designed specifically for infusing health on-the-go.

The perfect size for handbags, office desk and/or jacket pockets, these miniature packs of 7 tea bags give you a weeks supply of vitamin infused tea for daily consumption. 

Whether you're in need of a restful nights sleep, a boost in your immune system or an energy boost on your travels - we've got your back.


A nightly mug of TEA+ Sleep is a soothing bed time blend of Passion Flower, Rooibos, Magnesium, Chamomile, Lavender and Vitamin C. 

Our brand new delicious, caffeine free and vegan friendly blend is designed to help aid restful sleep.


Every Vitamin C tea bag contains 100% RDA Vitamin C and bonus Vitamin D, both vital vitamins to help aid a healthy immune system.

The powerful dosage of Vitamin C has been combined with both echinacea & ginseng, which have been used traditionally to help combat colds and flu for centuries.


A daily mug of TEA+ Energy is the perfect supplement for busy people, mums-on-the-go, stressed students and vegans.

Every tea bag contains 100% RDA Vitamin B Complex (B6/B12) to help your mind and body stay alert and energised.


November 01, 2019 — Erin Falkingham

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