Sleep Vitamin Tea - TEA+

Introducing TEA+ Sleep Vitamin Tea - our brand new caffeine free blend, designed help aid restful sleep for your night time routine.


A nightly mug of TEA+ Sleep is a soothing bed time blend made up of Magnesium, Rooibos, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Lavender and Vitamin C.

Every tea bag contains the muscle relaxing mineral, Magnesium and Rooibos, a completely caffeine free and antioxidant rich tea. These are blended with passion flower, chamomile & lavender - herbs known for helping relax the mind and body.

Passion Flower has been used to aid in:

✔ A restful nights sleep
✔ Temporary relief of sleep disturbances
✔ Temporary relief of symptoms associated with stress


TEA+ Sleep has been designed to give your body the rest it needs. The careful combination of powerful, high-quality ingredients have been blended with delicious, natural fruit flavours to help give you a relaxing nights sleep.

So what do the ingredients in our Sleep Vitamin Tea actually do?


Magnesium is a mineral found in soil and performs a number of very significant roles in the body. Not only does it relax muscles, it also actives vitamin D in the kidneys and helps absorb calcium into the bones. Studies have also associated a higher level of magnesium with a lower risk of diabetes.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower is a natural herb which helps aid restful sleep. It's known to provide temporary relief of sleep disturbances & symptoms of associated with stress & mild anxiety.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C may be best known for helping a healthy immune system, but it’s also become famous for its collagen boosting properties. This micronutrient is a key anti-ageing skincare ingredient and helps protect your skin against free radical damage caused by the environment.


Chamomile is found to be very beneficial for comforting and calming both the mind and body.

Coming to retailers very soon.


October 22, 2019 — Erin Falkingham



roupeda said:

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Gail Markham

Gail Markham said:

I am trying to order more of the Magnesium tea as I am running out. I can’t get to the page, it keeps saying page not found. Please tell me how or I won’t sleep!

Gail Markham

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