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So far this month we’ve advocated for using your lunchtime as an opportunity to get active or learn something new. We’ve talked about getting out for a walk (with or without the office dog) or listening to a podcast for a laugh. We’ve even suggested getting your goggles on for a swim.

However, we’ve yet to delve into the obvious world of what your lunchbreak is actually for: lunch.  

Why does your lunch matter?

What you chose to eat every single day is really important. For many people, their lunchbreak is spent popping to the shop to grab a meal deal. As convenient as it might be, the £3 meal deal is not always the healthiest or the cheapest of options.

Think about it – if you buy the £3 meal deal every day, that’s £15 a week, £60 a month or a whopping £780 a year. That’s enough for a nice holiday in the sunshine every summer (we know which we’d prefer…).

Plus, these pre-prepared, store bought lunches aren’t always the healthiest. Many of them have hidden levels of sugar, fat and salt – such as Sainsbury's Ploughman's, which has more saturated fat and sugar than a Big Mac!

That’s why at TEA+ Towers we advocate the old-fashioned packed lunch. For the well organised among us, it only takes a little bit of weekly meal prep to put together a delicious week of lunches. For those at the other end of the time-management spectrum, leftovers are the go-to.

In the spirit of our #OpportunityOfALunchtime campaign, we decided to put together a collection of our favourite recipes for lunch time.

Quinoa Salad Recipe by Cookie + Kate

Quinoa Salad Recipe by Cookie + Kate

Quinoa, chickpeas, peppers, cucumber, parsley and lemon. Everything you need to make a delicious, light summer salad that's perfect for both the break room and a park bench.

It's super easy to toss together, and if you're like us and always have some leftover quinoa in the fridge, you can make it in minutes.

You can eat it alone or serve on a base of greens for a bulkier meal.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup by Simple Veganista 

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup by Simple Veganista

Now we're living in a post-heatwave world, the temperature's feeling a little too chilly and the clouds a little too dark. Perfect excuse to throw together a batch of butternut squash soup. This lunch is actually a winter favourite in the TEA+ office, but now that it's not 30 degrees outside we can't resist a bit of soup.

It's super easy to make - all you need to do is roast your veggies and then puree them with a broth. Simple, honest cooking that never fails to fill us up.

You can top with pumpkin seeds for some protein and healthy fats or perhaps pair with a wholegrain bread roll filled with fibre.

 Crunchy Ribbon Salad by Good Housekeeping

Crunchy Ribbon Salad by Good Housekeeping

It doesn't matter if you didn't invest in a spiralizer when courgetti became the next big thing. You can make this ribbon salad with a trusty old vegetable peeler and ten minutes of your time.

Cucumber, courgette, carrots and a drizzle of dressing. What’s not to love?

Throw in your favourite protein source and toss together, and you’ve got yourself a delicious lunch.

 Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl by Delish Knowledge

Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl by Delish Knowledge

If you're still on the fence about tofu, please try this recipe. Yes, it involves both baking and sautéing - but trust us. It's worth the tiny bit of extra effort.

These bowls are piled up with nutritional goodness and are packed with both protein and fibre to keep you full. Perfect for those days when your stomach won’t stop rumbling and the office snack tray is calling your name.

 Kale & Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Crunchy Chickpeas by Happy Skin Kitchen

Kale & Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Crunchy Chickpeas by Happy Skin Kitchen

Cauliflower is amazing. We think it's an underrated vegetable and should be appreciated for more than just replacing your favourite carbs (we're looking at you, cauliflower crust pizza).

This is another recipe that's perfect for the chillier, British summer days. It’s a perfect combination of roasted chickpeas and roasted cauliflower, plus kale and a runny tahini and miso dressing.

Chickpeas are a great source of plant-based protein, whilst 100g of kale only has 49 calories and is packed with vitamin K, A and C. This ones perfect to prep ahead of time and serve up every day.


November 07, 2018 — Bold Commerce

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