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We all know getting out your bed at 7am can be a big struggle. Constantly hitting snooze, skipping breakfast and then rushing out the door can lead to a hectic day. Early risers are much more likely to use their morning time to organise their thoughts for the day. What tips can we take for a more productive morning?

Get an early Night

We constantly hear this tip, yet most of us ignore it. Just one more episode quickly turns into a finished TV series. A good night's sleep is so important for our bodies to recharge and get some rest. The National Sleep Foundation researched into sleep for more than 2 years and concluded adults need anywhere from 7-9 hours sleep. Try going to sleep an hour or two earlier than normal and your body will thank you in the morning.

Exercise early in the morning

Exercising in the morning starts off your day with a feeling of accomplishment. Even if that was the only thing you did today, you would still have accomplished something right at the start of your day! Leaving your exercise to the end of the day often leaves you with a feeling of dread throughout the day as after a tiring day, a workout really doesn’t sound too thrilling. Get your workout done at the start of your day!

Make a healthy breakfast

Around 64% of British people skip breakfast for a bit longer in bed. Skipping breakfast can have big implications such as feeling more stressed and irritable, weight gain due to feeling hungrier and can even weaken your immune system. Leaving yourself that extra bit of time in the morning to make and enjoy your breakfast will leave you feeling much more energised and ready to start your day. Making sure it is a healthy and balanced breakfast will help to carry you throughout the day and up until lunchtime.

Avoid the snooze button at all costs

Experts suggest snoozing actually makes getting up a lot more difficult and you won’t feel more rested. As well as not making us feel any more rested, it has been shown that hitting the snooze button can massively confuse our minds. Instead of hearing your alarm as a signal for needing to get up, it becomes a signal for a few more minutes in bed. This can leave us rushed, late and unprepared for the day when we actually decide to get up.You’re much better off setting a later alarm and having undisturbed sleep for slightly longer than constantly hitting the snooze button.

Use all your spare time for productivity

Use any extra spare time in the morning to make your day easier. If you take the bus or train to work, answer your work emails whilst commuting. It leaves you with one less task to complete and will take some weight off your shoulders.

Plan your mornings

Mornings can be super frantic for everyone. Planning things out the night before will help massively speed up your routine. Rather than realising all your clothes are dirty 10 minutes before you’re supposed to be leaving for work, plan your outfit out the night before and lay it all out for the morning. Make your lunch the night before rather than rushing it in the morning.

Not many people find it easy to get up early and complete lots of tasks however, establishing a routine, making all these tips a habit and pushing through will result in a more productive and healthy morning routine that your body will thank you for.

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