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As part of our month to celebrate running, we’ve buddied up with Emma from Lipstick and Trainers, a fabulous fitness, fashion and health blogger and Personal Trainer! And of course, a big T plus fan (who isn’t!?). We’ve chatted to her about her experiences of running from when she started out until now. So, get ready to be inspired to get those running shoes back on!

Why did you get into running?

I had become a little lost in my early 20's, post university and in between jobs, I picked up some bad habits and had an unhealthy lifestyle and didn't have much positivity. Unfortunately, my young cousin passed away from a terminal illness and wanted to do something to alleviate the situation. His friend had planned to run a half marathon in his honour and felt like it was something I could do, and had wanted to experience a life changing experience, to which it was. I trained hard, which took me out of the situation that I was in, I gained a healthier life and was a much more positive person. I ran for my cousin in his memory later that year and haven't stopped since!

What’s your favourite race to run?

Firstly, I think of Berlin Marathon. It was my second 26.2 mile race and it holds some great memories, achievements and the scenery. If it comes down to fade that I have done multiple times, I would say the Great North Run or Liverpool Rock and Roll half! 

Do you remember your first race?

YES! The race that become the first of many. The Great North Run was the race I did for my late cousin Aaron, it was very special to me and I continued to run the race a total of three times after. Newcastle is super friendly, and it also holds great memories and has amazing support on the side-lines.

 How do you prepare for a race?

I set myself enough time to go through the milestones properly, sometimes extra time to get myself warmed up to the idea of running the distance. I focus on nutrition and rest, so I can be comfortable in the knowledge that my body is ready, even if my mind is slightly behind! My social life goes to pop for a short while, but there is always time for celebration afterwards!

What’s your #1 tip?

Make sure that you are comfortable running a certain amount of distance before race day, regardless of time. Even if it takes you a while to get there, you just need to experience being on your feet for a long time, so you can understand the feeling prior to race day. I have a number of miles that I want to hit before any race, and that would include the 5/10KM distance up to ultra. Practice makes perfect! 


November 07, 2018 — Bold Commerce


Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson said:

I have known Emma since she was born, i am proud of the way she has turned out.
She is a great insperation to people who need a lttle motivation to get themselves turned around.
I am now and always will be extremely proud to call her my friend

Amanda Loiselle

Amanda Loiselle said:

Wonderful article and great inspiration 👏☺️🌷

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