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Mornings, potentially one of the most hated times of day. Your alarm drags you from your cosy bed, maybe after a couple of joyless snoozes, out into the harsh light (or pitch black) of day. You feel like a shocked mole emerging from the ground, eyes refusing to open, stumbling around the house in a delirium of confusion and sleepiness. You rush yourself to get out the door, probably pushing it for time as usual. At best you’re stressed and a little grumpy, at worst, you’ve not realised you’re still sporting your pyjama bottoms (it’s happened to the best of us).

But it needn’t be this way! You could embrace the mornings and rock them so hard that you turn up to work feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to tackle anything. Making time for yourself in the mornings is the secret to a productive and positive day. Just follow our simple Healthy Morning Habits, tailor them to your life, and find yourself leaving the house with a smile…

Do not hit snooze!

Why drag out the pain of tearing yourself from the covers by tricking yourself into false promises of ‘10 minutes more will make SUCH a difference’. No. Stop it. Get up and face the day without any whingeing. The sooner you get up and moving, the more of the pre-work morning you can claim as your own and start actually enjoying this time.

Drink plenty of water

Hydrating your body after sleep is essential. Not only does it ensure your body has enough water, drinking a pint of water before breakfast is a brilliant way to activate your digestion so you can avoid that bloated feeling on the way to work.

Make a healthy breakfast

You are what you eat. So, start off the day with complex carbohydrates such as a porridge, with colourful, vitamin-filled toppings. Why not try eating with the seasons and have rhubarb and strawberries in the spring/summer before going to blackberries and apple in the autumn/winter. Nuts and seeds are a great source of healthy fats and protein that are a great addition to any breakfast.

Try not to rely on too much of a caffeine energy kick in the mornings, but a low-caffeine option like the green tea in our t+ Multea should help you start your day off nicely.  

Bask in those Rays

Getting yourself out into the morning sun is a wonderful way to naturally wake yourself up and reset your circadian rhythm. Even just a little wander around the garden or taking your breakfast alfresco will gently wake you up as well as keep you feeling calm and tranquil.

Get moving

Moving your body in the mornings to slowly wake up your muscles and stretch out after sleep is a really nice way to start the day. Do whatever works for you. Some people love to start the day with a burst of running or a fast pace cycle for half an hour or so. Others are all about a gentle yoga or Pilates routine to activate the muscles. Whatever suits you, getting moving before work is a perfect way to prevent that feeling of rolling straight from bed into the office.

Have a cold shower

This may be the last thing you want to do in the mornings but bear with us. Even just a few seconds burst of cold water at the end of your shower will wake you up and invigorate you like nothing else.

Use your brain

It’s easy to slip into auto-pilot in the mornings, doing the same routine day after day. So why not mix it up? Start setting aside some time in your mornings to read or listen to something. This could be as simple as listening to a podcast while you’re making breakfast or doing some yoga (have a look at our podcast recommendations here). Or, if you have a train or bus journey, take a book to transport yourself into your own little world for a while. This will get you thinking and your imagination running wild.

Have a giggle

Some say that laughter is the best medicine, and we think they’re spot on. When have you ever felt worse after a belly-aching laugh? Laughing yoga is something that is very weird, but amazing at the same time. Search it up and give it a go! Alternatively, maybe watch a bit of stand-up comedy, or have a laugh with the people you live with. Laughter is deeply underrated!


We hope these Healthy Morning Habits inspire you to make the most of the early hours, and leave you feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.


November 07, 2018 — Bold Commerce

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