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Families all over the UK will be celebrating Shrove Tuesday (or also known as Pancake Day).

Traditionally, this is the day before lent, where people would give up eggs, milk and flour and therefore, would combine the 3 ingredients for one last meal on Shrove Tuesday. However, now pancakes are a lot more fun with hundreds of different toppings and ways to make pancakes. Here are a few of our favourites for this year!

Easy Pancake Recipe by Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver Recipe
















I bet for our first recipe you were expecting something a little more extravagant (don’t worry, we have some of them for you too). However, not everyone has the time, money or pancake making expertise to make these.

Let's start off simple. We all love a simple, crepe style pancake. We’re keeping it traditional with this recipe by Jamie Oliver as it only includes - eggs, flour, milk and butter!

Having the perfect, plain pancake base leaves the magic of toppings up to you. Fruit, honey, syrup, chocolate spread, sugar, lemon; it’s all up to you and your preferences!

So many of us grew up eating this style of pancake and we should honour it this pancake day.

Vegan Coconut and Raspberry Pancakes with Hot Chocolate Sauce by Deliciouslyella

Deliciouslyella pancake recipe















Although traditional pancakes have flour, milk and egg, there are now so many alternatives that are just as tasty!

These Vegan pancakes are perfect for the whole family and a great healthy alternative (yep, even with the chocolate sauce). You can treat yourself to these on a diet and still stay on track.

They only take 20 minutes to prepare and cook and if you have some left over, you can save them in the fridge and reheat in the toaster next day!

PB&J Pancakes by Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Pancakes







A new, innovative form of the well loved pancake. We all know how to make a traditional British pancake and drizzle some lemon and sprinkle a bit of sugar. Why not change it up this year and go for something slightly more American style. Americans love PB&J sandwiches so, how about trying it as a pancake?

This recipe by Gordon Ramsay is surprisingly super quick and easy despite sounding and looking so fancy. If your short for time in the morning but still want to join in the celebrations; this is a great one for you.

Packed full of flavour and somehow skips steps like flour but, since its created by Gordon Ramsay, we will give him our trust that flour isn’t needed for this one!

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