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Christmas is coming! We’re feeling festive and nostalgic, so it’s the perfect time for us to look back and reflect on the previous year. Despite it being a difficult year, we’ve continued to thrive in 2020, launching new and improved formulas of our best-selling teas and even winning an award! Here’s our 2020 review…


We can’t reflect on 2020 and not mention the current coronavirus pandemic. It has been a very challenging year for us, as it has for everybody. Staying safe is our priority and our wonderful team quickly adapted to social distancing guidelines and working from home.

We believe that health and wellbeing are the most important things in our lives. We often lose sight of this in ‘normal’ times, with our busy lifestyles, but pandemic brought all of that back into absolute focus. Most importantly, the crisis has reinforced our commitment to making a healthy routine more convenient.

With that in mind, we created the Stay At Home bundle, to help our customers adjust to a new way of life and provide some much-needed comfort. We also used this time to reflect on our product range and make some exciting changes...

New formulas

We’re always innovating and researching our ingredients to make sure we’re providing scientifically proven health benefits for our customers. With that in mind, we relaunched two of our most popular teas, with new and improved formulas! 

We doubled the amount of vitamin D3 in TEA+ Vitamin D, to align with Public Health England guidelines. UK adults should take 10ug of vitamin D every day during winter, as limited exposure to sunlight impacts our vitamin D intake. Our new vitamin D infused tea makes it easier to get our daily dose of this essential vitamin.

And that’s not all, we also reformulated our Sleep tea! We doubled the magnesium levels to provide 56mg of magnesium in every single teabag. Many adults in the UK are deficient in magnesium due to intensive farming and its impact on soil quality. Increasing the levels of vitamins and nutrients in our tea in response to research showing that many UK adults are deficient is driven by our commitment to making it easier for our customers to get into a healthy routine.

UK’s first CBD infused tea

This year we expanded our product range to include an entirely new ingredient, CBD! After months of product development and testing, we launched TEA+ CBD, the UK’s first fully bioavailable, effective CBD infused tea. Derived from the cannabis plant, research indicates that CBD can reduce anxiety, ease pain and helps us sleep better. This tea is a great way to try a new ingredient with a variety of health benefits. It’s blended with rooibos, apple and baobab for a comforting and unique cup of tea. 


We were so excited to win gold in the Boots 2020 Wellness Awards! Judged by Boots customers, this award was a huge honour and we’re still very proud to be recognised alongside some amazing brands.

Last week we won the New to Export Award 2020 at the Northern Powerhouse Export Awards! As a small start-up based in Yorkshire, we are delighted to be recognised for our international growth. We’re thrilled to be exporting to over 10 countries, including New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico!

Looking forward

We are so grateful to our loyal customers for continuing to support us during a difficult year. It’s time to rest and recharge over the Christmas period, but we’re excited to kickstart a healthy and productive 2021. We’ve got lots of plans, so keep your eyes peeled!

June 15, 2021 — Amy Bethell

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