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FREE Guide To Improving Workplace Wellness

Finding the perfect balance between work and life at times, can seem like a constant battle. Stressful briefs, difficult clients and long working days can easily trigger anxiety but it’s always important to introduce mindfulness in to your routine. Mindfulness can help you process your emotions and train of thought when triggers change your mood at work.

Workplace wellness or wellbeing, allows employers to focus on the health and productivity of employees - covering all areas of working life from how workers feel about their work and environment, to the climate at work.

We've put together this comprehensive guide on the biggest factors that could be affecting your workplace wellness and tips to start changing that right now. 

In this guide, we look at...

  • Introducing Mindfulness
  • How the seasons can effect your mood
  • Making time for yourself
  • Tidy desk means tidy mind 
  • Perfecting a wind-down routine
  • How to avoid hitting snooze in the morning

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November 18, 2019 — Erin Falkingham