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Today marks the 38th year of the London Marathon, the 26.2 mile race through Britains capital. It's one of the top six international marathons and millions have run the event over the years. 

Last year 40,273 runners finished the race and following that a record 414,168 people applied for a spot at the 2019 race. The event inspires many to either pick up some running shoes for the first time or dust off their old ones.

If you're one of the many inspired to run, we've put together a quick handy guide for you to download to help you get to grips or relearn the basics. 

We've teamed up with the wonderful Emma-Joy (@lipstickandtrainers), a personal trainer and fitness influencer, who has shared her own marathon training experience and advice for those looking to take on the big one themselves. 

TEA+ 5km to Marathon Running Guide and Training Plan

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Why start running?

Boost your mood - studies have found that even just 30 minutes of exercise can instantly lift your mood. 

Joint health - running with good form actually strengthens your joints - so don't worry about "ruining" your knees!

Weight management - exercising burns calories, so running can help you maintain a calorie deficit or keep you at maintenance. 

Mental focus - studies have shown that as we age, regular exercise improves memory, language, thinking, and judgement problems by almost 50%.

Live longer - once more, getting just 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week is key to a longer, healthier life. 


April 27, 2019 — Vicki Appleford