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Each vitamin tea has been expertly blended to provide a powerfully nutritional dose of up to 100% of your daily vitamins plus herbs, fruit and tea. No matter what challenge you might face today, there’s a TEA+ to support you.

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Curated by experts and including valuable additional extras, Our programmes are designed to meet your specific health needs and maximise the benefits of our teas.

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James & Jade designed TEA+ to offer something different in the world of healthy hot drinks. We create our teas with the right nutritional content in a 28 day routine to give you the best helping hand we can in whatever function or goal you have. 

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In collaboration with industry experts to provide you with accurate and credible information that will help you prioritise your wellness and better take care of your health

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Simply tell us about you and your particular health needs in our interactive quiz and you will receive a tailored recommendation from our expert team.